Hi. I’m Brandon.

I help people find their purpose and leaders amplify their influence.

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Follower of Jesus, Husband to Angie, Dad of 3
Lead Pastor, Grace Hills Church
Community Facilitator, Pastors.com & PD.church
Leadership & Marketing Coach, Courage to Lead

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Recent Blog Posts

9 Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

Spiritual disciplines aren’t a means of earning any favor from God – that comes entirely by grace through our relationship with Jesus Christ. Spiritual disciplines simply create the capacity for us to hear and learn from God so that he can transform us into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

The Best Leaders Are Broken Leaders

I am broken. I lead a community of broken people called a church. And we often say, unapologetically, that we are a community of the broken who have good news for the broken. Don't misunderstand. I don't mean that we're "broken" in the sense that we're rendered...

A Christmas Promise: The Word of God Will Never Fail

The span between Malachi and Matthew lasted approximately four hundred years, often referred to by scholars as the "400 silent years" since there were no records of prophecies or angelic appearances. Then, God spoke. And when God broke the silence, he did so...

Get Me to Rome! Thoughts on Having Big Goals

One of the moments that changed my life significantly occured in 2010 when my wife and I were sitting in our usual spot in the Saddleback Church auditorium and Pastor Rick Warren was kicking off our Decade of Destiny spiritual growth campaign His opening message was...

I'm Called and I Know My Purpose… Now What?

I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I'm saved and secure. I'm on my way to heaven someday. But I still live here and I know that my purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ in all of the life that I have left. But how? A common plight Christians suffer is this...

How to Turn Thanksgiving Into a Lifestyle

I love Thanksgiving. I like the time with family and friends. I like the meals (although I think steak would make me feel more thankful than turkey). And I like really like that we take a moment to articulate our gratitude. As I reflect on God's blessings on my life...