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I help people find their purpose and leaders amplify their influence.

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Follower of Jesus, Husband to Angie, Dad of 3
Lead Pastor, Grace Hills Church
Community Facilitator, Pastors.com & PD.church
Leadership & Marketing Coach, Courage to Lead

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8 Ways to Stop Biggering and Start Bettering the Church

Remember the Once-ler? From The Lorax by Dr. Seuss? He was a fairly normal guy who wanted to build a big business at the expense of the environment, so he kept "biggering and biggering" until all the trees were gone, the wildlife had vacated the landscape, and his...

The Best Personality Type for Ministry Leaders

I'm an introvert, and I'm a pastor. It's a tough combination to pull off, especially when we tend to celebrate certain types of personalities over others in the world of ministry leadership. As church planters, we went through a couple of different assessment periods...

Actually, God Calls the Qualified… Into Leadership

Years ago, a sweet lady in our church handed me a little slip of paper to encourage me on my journey. I unfolded it and it read: God doesn't call the qualified; he qualifies the called. I'm not sure who said it originally, but I've heard and repeated it many times...

The Most Important Decision I’ve Ever Made as a Pastor

The church I'm serving as pastor just bought a new property for $1.1 million in the heart of Northwest Arkansas. We spent a lot of time praying over that decision and it felt like a huge step. But it wasn't the most important decision I've ever had to make as a...

Living with a Bias Toward Action

Passivity is epidemic among us. Especially among men. And it's killing us. At the beginning of 2018, I told our church staff I was committing to living throughout this year with a "bias toward action." I don't know where I first heard that term, but to whomever thanks...

The Problem with Free Ebooks

I have a folder in my Dropbox where I store all the ebooks I download from across the web. As of this writing, I have about 300 ebooks in there. And guess how many I've read and put into action? I'm guessing between 4 and 7. It's not that free ebooks are bad - I even...