We’re a purpose driven church, which means we believe in having a very intentional process for discipleship – for introducing people to each next step in their spiritual journey.

For every church that wants to create this pipeline, I highly recommend purchasing Saddleback Church’s CLASS material. It’s amazing how often I see church membership classes that are either based on Saddleback’s model or at least clearly display its DNA.

At Grace Hills, we use a CLASS-like system, but we’ve re-termed and re-written it to suit our needs. Our desire was to be able to communicate about the eight major steps a believer should take as they become part of a church community:

  • Following Jesus.
  • Being baptized.
  • Getting connected in a small group.
  • Growing in grace and knowledge.
  • Serving others.
  • Giving regularly.
  • Living on mission.
  • Signing the covenant.

We just rolled out a new curriculum for this and will soon be offering it online and for our small groups to use, but I wanted to make the material available for other churches looking to do something similar.

We start the class with the story, the vision, and the values of Grace Hills, plus some details about how the church is led. Then, we dig into the eight commitments of membership, closing with an explanation of our covenant.

The best part of how we get to use this is that we get to plug people into small groups during the class. As it ends, we ask people to hang around and we have our group finder tool open. We challenge some to start groups with the people they’ve met during the class and others, we plug into existing groups.

We always close by letting people know that the moment they sign the covenant, “church” ceases to be about them and it starts to be them. We lock arms together, facing outwardly, and go find more lost people!

So, here you go:

Download GH101 (PDF) Download GH101 (Word)

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