Live, Lead, and Love Big This Week! (Quotes, Links, & Resources)

I’m a resource nut. I read, browse, bookmark, and stockpile links, books, articles, and resources. Then I share so much of it with you it’s downright obnoxious! Here’s this week’s obnoxiously over-stuffed list of links and resources for living, leading, and loving big!

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If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.

– Mark Twain

The enemy promises water, but every time we go to his wells, they are empty.

– Jennie Allen, Nothing to Prove

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.

– Linda Grayson


The Parenting Teens Virtual Summit, September 11 – 30 | Free & Online

This free conference is online, so yes, you can get there and yes, you can afford it! It’s for parents of teens, parents of future teens, student and youth leaders, pastors, counselors, scout leaders, social workers, and pizza delivery people (teens order lots of pizza). It features some incredible speakers like Craig Groeschel and Paul David Tripp, and somehow also includes meRegister here!

National Day of Prayer for Faith, Hope, and Life, by Kay Warren

We ache for those in our congregation — and in yours — who are experiencing despair. These friends — brothers and sisters in Christ — need to know that their church is a safe place to share the inward torment of their pain, and that their pain will be met with deep compassion and acceptance. Keep reading…

5 Honest Questions That Helped Me Reclaim My Identity, by Crystal Kang

There a difference between living for the approval of man and living already approved by amazing grace. Give these questions a chance and begin to discover who you truly are as you navigate your 20s and 30s. Keep reading…


How to Introduce Yourself to Anyone, video by Derek Halpern

This short video from Derek Halpern gives some good advice about networking and connecting with people you don’t yet know. As an introvert, I appreciated the simplicity of his suggestion…

Success Mentor Summit, September 5 – 15 | Free & Online

This free online summit is jam-packed with amazing speakers and ideas. A few are my own heroes and mentors. And it’s free! Register now.


The Hidden Option: Igniting Creativity to Solve Life’s Impossible Problems, by Jonathan Malm

We live in a polarized world. We want everything to fit in box A or B, option 1 or 2. Fight or flight. Black or white. Left or right. But Jesus regularly shattered restrictions and presented a third, hidden option.

Our God is bigger than just two options, and the same creativity Jesus used in finding the third option is available to you, whether you consider yourself creative or not. By learning to find the hidden option, you can become a better spouse, a better employee, a better friend, and even a better follower of Christ.

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Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants, by Louie Giglio

It’s likely you have a threatening giant in your life…an adversary or stronghold that’s diminishing your ability to live a full and free life. Frozen in the grip of rejection, fear, anger, comfort, or addiction, we lose sight of the promise God has for our lives. Demoralized and defeated, we settle for far less than his best.

God has a better plan for you, a plan for you to live in victory. That’s why he has silenced your giant once and for all.

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Business, Blogging, Marketing, etc.

How to Promote Your Blog: The Ultimate Guide, via Fizzle

You don’t need another list of 101 tactics for promoting your blog. You just need 10 that actually work, or even just 5 of them. Heck, ONE solid strategy could be enough to grow your site beyond your wildest imagination. Keep reading…

The Core Elements Behind the Most Successful Product Launches, from Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula only opens up once per year. He’s helped a TON of business leaders launch information products very successfully (and other kinds of products, too). In fact, his course is kind of the industry gold standard. To kick off his own launch, he’s offering a free video training that starts with the core elements behind the most successful product launches, and there are more free videos to come! Sign up for free!

Message to Millions Blueprint, from Ted McGrath

If you are online and hoping to build any kind of platform or business, like coaching, consutling, speaking, etc. you need to know your own story and understand how it impacts people. Ted McGrath helped me with my own coaching business and he would love to help you, too. Grab the free ebook containing his blueprint as well as access to a free video series for anyone in the coaching, consulting, or speaking space. Download and sign up for free!

Don’t Buy All the Shiny Things, via my Marketing Blog

I wrote a short piece this week over at my marketing blog about what you should spend money on when going into business online as well as what you shouldn’t spend money on. Read it here.

The Downliner (for Traffic Generation)

No matter what you do online – blog, sell, share videos – there is one thing you desperately need – traffic! One source I’ve been testing lately with good results is The Downliner. It’s a traffic co-op that lets you earn or purchase points that can be used to share your links further via the co-op. It’s confusing, but it works. Join The Downliner here!

Productivity Virtual Summit, September 18 – 25, 2017 | Online & Free

Marc Guberti is a young genius. He’s an amazing blogger and businessman who has put together a really great online experience around the subject of productivity, time management, getting things done, etc. It’s free and online. Register here!



Asking My Wife to Watch Porn with Me Actually Ruined Our Marriage, via Fight the New Drug

Porn creates the illusion that there is always someone sexier out there, or that you should be the porn star of your own relationship. It sells the idea that sex is the most important part of a relationship and getting it wherever you can is the game to play. In the end, watching isn’t worth it—disconnect from fantasy, and connect to reality.

Keep reading…

West Coast Made to Order Fire Pits (The Death Star & Safari)

If I have to explain why these are awesome, just keep scrolling. That Death Star!!! Of course, these will set you back nearly $3,000 but hey, yolo! Order one here! (Or at least look around at all the cool man gear you can get at Touch of Modern.)

Apps & Tools


Shreya Banajree, creator of the Affiliate Blogging Ninja course, has just released a new course all about how to use Youtube to earn money online, and it comes with some bonus tools thrown in. Check it out!

Sunday Social

Joe Cavazos and Jonathan Malm have teamed up to make your church’s social media activity easy – we make the schedule, you get the images.

They post a new social media graphic every day – formatted for Instagram, Facebook/Twitter, and blank versions of both (no logo or add your own).


Dallas Theological Seminary on iTunesU

One of the best seminaries in the country offers its course material for you to consume at NO cost via iTunesU! You won’t be able to earn an actual paper degree, but you can still go really, really deep in your biblical and theological knowledge! More information here.

Church Hacks Summit, September 27 – 29, 2017 | Online & Free

I’m super excited about this one! It’s a free, online conference all about how to reach more first time guests at your church! And it’s comprised of some friends and mentors of mine in the church communications space. Register here!

Measuring a Church’s Growth Requires Both Statistics and Stories, via my post on Ministry Pass

The statistics we take help us measure what we’re doing right and wrong, whether we’re moving people forward spiritually, and whether we’re effective. But it is the stories that tell us whether we’re actually doing the right things, whether we are speaking the truth in love, and whether we are really there for people.

Keep reading.

My Current Series Notes: UnCommon

UnCommon Sermon Series

Jesus makes all the difference! But what exactly does that really mean? This series, based on 2 Corinthians 4 and 5, explores four of the characteristics that should be found in followers of Jesus that make us uncommon – knowledge, strength, destiny, and mission. Download the series parts here.

Series Idea: The Grind

The Grind

This four-week sermon series guide details the importance of overcoming adversity and fighting for faith, even when life is difficult. By examining the life of the Apostle Paul, this series considers the call of every believer to share in Christ’s sufferings, to understand the value of contentment, to receive the necessity of joy amid grief, and to apply the quality of faithfulness to their daily walk with Christ. Get the artwork and framework for this series as part of a free trial at MinistryPass.

Featured Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash