Let Go of Some Old Labels and Live a Limitless Life!

Sep 3, 2013 | Books, Living

Limitless LifeI’ve been anticipating the release of my friend Derwin Gray’s new book Limitless Life for many months now. There are books that come along that hold the key to restoration and healing for a great number of people, and I believe this is one of those books.

Derwin addresses a subject near to all of us – labels. Some are good, many are bad, and because of our broken nature, we tend to allow the negative to stick hard and long. But God has other plans. He has other labels for us to wear that clearly identify us as His child, His purchased possession and co-inheritors of His glory and Kingdom.

In Derwin’s words, from the introduction…

A label is a soul-tattoo that is ingrained deep in our hearts, so much so that it determines how we see ourselves. And how we see ourselves determines how we live.

A false label leads to living a lie. And a life built on a lie places you in a spiritual prison. Jesus wants to give you, free of charge, labels that are true. And His labels will set you free (John 8: 32).

A destructive label leads to living a destructive life. There is soul-thief, a dark enemy that wants to nail ruinous labels to your heart so he can steal your life. Jesus wants to give you life-giving labels that release your potential for the good of the world. He said, “The thief comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come in order that you might have life— life in all its fullness” (John 10: 10 GNT).

I first read the book several months ago before its release and now I’m leading Grace Hills Church on a journey through it’s message. We’re reading and studying it together and we’re going to be transformed by it. We’re going to help people move…

  • From Afraid to Courageous
  • From Addict to Free
  • From Mess to Masterpiece
  • From Orphan to Adopted
  • From Damaged Goods to Trophy of Grace
  • From Religious to Grace-Covered
  • From Consumer to Contributor
  • From Purposeless to Purposeful
  • From Worker to Worshiper
  • From Failure to Faithful

At the end of each of these chapters, Derwin includes three challenges – one for the head (a new way to think), one for the heart (a prayer to pray), and one for the hands (a call to action). I would challenge every reader to slow down and absorb the content of this book and then truly work through these challenges to really live a limitless life.

Derwin has even assembled material for churches who wish to journey through this together. In our case, I’m preaching a six-part message series and we’re giving a copy of the book to every family in our church so that we are reading it together as a body. We’re launching small groups that will study the concepts in the book together as well.

I’m excited to see what happens as people get this book, devour it, and begin to live an abundant, joy-filled, Spirit-empowered, limitless life.

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