I was involved in a fairly deep conversation this morning with a fellow Pastor and mentor about the subject of change. Yes, it’s hard. Everyone understands that. But leading change is real leadership. Michael Hyatt said as much in a recent blog post…

My answer to the question is this: Leaders exist to create a shift in reality.

Without leaders, things drift along. They go where they want to go, following the path of least resistance. However, when this is not desirable—or acceptable—you hire, elect, appoint or become a leader. The leader’s job is to overcome resistance and make things flow in a different direction. His or her job is to create a different reality.

via Why Leaders Exist.

Whenever I’ve talked about change, someone has always responded with the classic line, “yes, but change just for the sake of change isn’t good.” Why? Why do we think that’s true? I would actually argue that sometimes a leader needs to change things just for the sake of changing things. Here’s why…

  • Growth is change. Not growing requires not changing.
  • Change moves us out of our comfort zones, ruts, and routines.
  • Change wakes us up and requires that we pay attention.
  • Change keeps us off our center of balance and takes us in new directions.
  • The culture around us is changing. Changing our communication techniques is non-negotiable.

Change is difficult, and it’s more difficult for the leader than for anyone else. But that’s what leadership is all about – leading change.

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