we are greater than me

Grow Deeper

Never Stop Going Deeper

God wants to take you deeper today. Deeper into the reality of his goodness. Deeper into the recesses of your own heart where real, lasting healing needs to occur. Deeper into the solid soil of scriptural truth about who you are, how the world works, and God’s plan to redeem all things for his glory forever. 

God Lives In You

How God Built Himself a House

The very moment you trust in Jesus, you become a temple for the continual, never-ending presence of God through the Holy Spirit. He takes up residence in your life. And together, corporately as the church, all who follow Jesus represent the house in which God lives. 

Jesus Is Building His Church

Jesus is Building His Church

The church gets to tackle global issues like disease, poverty, a lack of education, and spiritual blindness. We get to protect the vulnerable, defend the oppressed, and serve the poor, the sick, and the needy. We get to tell the good news of the hope we have in Christ to everyone on the planet until all have been invited. We get to love and serve and offer a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name.

Church for Misfits

Jesus Started a Church for Misfits

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When Jesus wanted to start an organization that would fix all of the world’s biggest problems, he invited a ragtag band of misfits to lead it. Who better to represent to the world what the grace of God in Jesus Christ is capable of doing than people utterly and totally changed by it, enamored with it, and committed to it for life? And guess what? Jesus sees you, too, and he’s inviting you in! 

Be the Salt of the Earth

How to Be ‘Salt of the Earth’ Kind of People

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Someone in your life needs to taste and see that the Lord is good by coming into contact with you. It’s who you are, in Christ. So go be you, love people, and add some flavor to your world today!