Time Warp

Time Management Matters in a Pandemic More Than Ever

Live for an audience of One and bask in the sweetness of the knowledge that you matter, that you are loved, and that God wants to use you in the middle of the mess. Keep loving Jesus. Keep loving people. And be that rare bright spot in someone’s day.

Take Heart

When God Shows Up Late

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You take heart and you remain confident that God will continue to be God, to be good, to be faithful, and that he will indeed fulfill every purpose and every promise to his children.

This is the Hour for Commitment

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We who follow Christ ought to live with a continual sense of urgency about the Great Commandment (love God and love others) and the Great Commission (make disciples of all the nations).

God is Patient

Where Would I Be Without God’s Patience?

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God has never been in a hurry the way we’re in a hurry. He started time. Someday he’ll stop time. He gave us time to be our measuring stick, not his. He can wait. Endlessly. 

Before Time

Before You Were Born, You Were Loved

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There’s a big difference between knowing about God’s love and actually knowing God’s love by experience. Have you received God’s love for you?