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Matching Steps as You Follow God Closely

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When you’re trying to be godly, and the word godly really means “like God” or “like Christ,” the very best thing you can do is match his steps.

Fruit of the Spirit

The Spirit-Filled Life Is a Fruitful Life

The fruit of the Spirit is definitely not a list of activities to try to do in your own power. Rather the fruit of the Spirit is simply the natural product of living in tune with, filled with, and in submission to the influence of the Spirit of God, moment by moment. 

Walk in the Spirit

Walking In Step With the Holy Spirit

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When you follow Jesus’ example, letting the Holy Spirit guide your thinking, your feelings, and your decisions, you’ll wind up walking in close connection with our supernatural God.

Governed by Grace

Sin Is Not Your Master Anymore

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Sin will not conquer you. It doesn’t stand a chance at winning in your life when Jesus Christ is your true King. And you aren’t governed by the impossible-to-keep law that dooms you to fail over and over again.

Be a Living Sacrifice

Offering Your Whole Self to God

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You can offer your body as an instrument of wickedness, speaking and doing things that are contrary to God’s will. Or you can offer your body as an instrument of righteousness. 

Dead to Sin

What It Means to be Dead to Sin

If you’re dead to sin, that means it has no power or authority over you. The old you is no longer alive or sensitive to the call and lure of sin. The old you died with Jesus.

Now Stay Free!

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You’ll never get anywhere if, having been set free by the power and grace of God, you keep believing that you’re not free. You’ll live down to the level of your lack of faith.

Be Angry Sin Not

Breaking Free from the Bondage of Anger

If you struggle with outbursts of anger, it’s almost always because you’ve repressed your emotions. That could be as small as having a bad day and getting really grumpy with your family because of it, or it can be as devastating as repeating generational cycles of physical or emotional abuse.

Lust and Porn

Breaking Free from the Bondage of Lust

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On a spiritual level, lust and pornography are highly problematic. I believe lust hurts our intimacy with God and with others, steals away our confidence in life and in leadership, and traps us in cycles of self-loathing, shame, and depression.