In Temptation, Hit the Eject Button

God didn’t promise you that you’d always be strong enough, on your own, to handle temptation. But he did promise that there would always be an escape lever, and there always, always is one.

Run from Cynicism

Why You Should Run From Cynicism

Sin isn’t just a one-time act. It’s something that wishes to claim your heart and your life a little piece at a time. Don’t let it. Run from cynicism. Stay soft toward God’s Spirit, God’s Word, and other people.

Circumstances and Temptation

The Best of Circumstances Can’t Keep You Safe

Going to church, surrounding yourself with Christian trinkets, putting faith-based bumper stickers on your car, even going to seminary and serving in ministry will not keep you from stumbling. But Jesus can.

James on Temptation

Four Steps to Being Ruined by Temptation

When we believe the deception, we commit disobedience, acting on our desires and taking the bait. And disobedience has a way of becoming a pattern that eventually leads to death, destruction, and decay – sometimes of our physical bodies, sometimes of relationships, and sometimes of our spiritual vitality.

Tested or Tempted

Are You Being Tested? Or Tempted?

Whatever it is that is pressing against your faith, you can tell if it’s from God if you’re being drawn to succeed and to grow. If you’re being drawn to fail and to move away from God, it’s not God’s doing.