Count It All Joy

Consider it Pure Joy When Everything is Going Wrong

James wrote this verse as part of a letter to be sent to Christians living in his day who had been scattered under persecution (see Acts 8 for some history). Every day was hard for them. And James challenges them to do the impossible – to count their hard season as a positive.


Are We All Being Tested? Yes, Actually

God “tests” your faith with a view toward growing your faith. He leads you to the limit, allowing various circumstances in your life that require your faith to grow so that, on the other side of the testing, you’re stronger than ever. 

Content in Grace

How to Always, Always Have Enough

You may be walking through a time of need, a time of lack, a season of rejection, a moment of pain. But this much is absolutely true – all that you will ever truly need is available to you, by the grace of God, through a relationship with his Son, Jesus Christ. 

Walk Through Fire

Your Pain Always Has a Point

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The truth is, you’ll never become all that God has in mind for you to become unless you walk through fire. Do you want God’s very best blessings poured out into your life badly enough to walk through the fire?