Be Careful Which Way You Lean

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If you lean toward sinful thoughts, the inevitable result will be sinful actions, which will produce a sinful lifestyle. If you lean into the Holy Spirit, the inevitable result will be a life filled with the good, fresh fruit that only the Spirit can produce.

Matching Steps as You Follow God Closely

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When you’re trying to be godly, and the word godly really means “like God” or “like Christ,” the very best thing you can do is match his steps.

Fruit of the Spirit

The Spirit-Filled Life Is a Fruitful Life

The fruit of the Spirit is definitely not a list of activities to try to do in your own power. Rather the fruit of the Spirit is simply the natural product of living in tune with, filled with, and in submission to the influence of the Spirit of God, moment by moment. 

Walk in the Spirit

Walking In Step With the Holy Spirit

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When you follow Jesus’ example, letting the Holy Spirit guide your thinking, your feelings, and your decisions, you’ll wind up walking in close connection with our supernatural God.