Words Shape the Future

Words Shape the Future

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In a world where people are desperately seeking purpose, desperately seeking direction, you and I as followers of Jesus get to use our words to point people to Jesus Christ. To draw them into love. To point them toward the one who made them and cares about them and will change their lives forever if they’ll simply trust in him.

What Sets Preaching Apart from Other Public Speaking?

My favorite classes at Western Kentucky University weren’t the Religious Studies courses (my major), or even the History courses (my minor). My favorite classes were in the area of speech and professional communication (what I wish had been my major). I grew up super-shy like almost every other Pastor I know, but have grown to love speaking to crowds of people. I’m a student of public speaking, in fact.

But when I enter the pulpit to preach on Sundays, something is different. It’s more than a speech somehow. I think there are several factors that cause this to be reality.

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