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Is Social Media Bad for You? Or Are You Just Bad with Social Media?

Networking Socially

When I wrote Rewired, I argued that there is really nothing new about “social media” except the term itself. Media (truth, information) has been around since the world began, and God made us to be social from the start. It was always his idea that truth and information, especially the good news about God, be spread relationally, from person to person. What is new is the set of tools we have at our disposal to create and join conversations online.

So I love social media. I believe it’s a force for good. People use it to raise money for good causes, to teach good things, to form good relationships, and to have good conversations. But I also hate it, because people also use it to spread hate, to turn conversations into fights, and to pursue unhealthy and destructive habits. But here’s the thing – it isn’t the fault of social media, it’s the fault of sinful human beings.

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Social Media is Two Words

Social… media. Media either exists or it doesn’t. Making media social is the trick, isn’t it? We’re on the verge of burning people out on the phrase, but I can’t seem to come up with any great alternatives. Nonetheless, rather than focus on social media as a career, or even as a discipline unto itself, we absolutely must hang on to the underlying principles.

How do you make media social?

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