Be Careful Which Way You Lean

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If you lean toward sinful thoughts, the inevitable result will be sinful actions, which will produce a sinful lifestyle. If you lean into the Holy Spirit, the inevitable result will be a life filled with the good, fresh fruit that only the Spirit can produce.


In Temptation, Hit the Eject Button

God didn’t promise you that you’d always be strong enough, on your own, to handle temptation. But he did promise that there would always be an escape lever, and there always, always is one.

Run from Cynicism

Why You Should Run From Cynicism

Sin isn’t just a one-time act. It’s something that wishes to claim your heart and your life a little piece at a time. Don’t let it. Run from cynicism. Stay soft toward God’s Spirit, God’s Word, and other people.

James on Temptation

Four Steps to Being Ruined by Temptation

When we believe the deception, we commit disobedience, acting on our desires and taking the bait. And disobedience has a way of becoming a pattern that eventually leads to death, destruction, and decay – sometimes of our physical bodies, sometimes of relationships, and sometimes of our spiritual vitality.

Conceal or Confess

What’s Holding You Back? Unconfessed Sin

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God is so incredibly merciful that all he asks is for you to be open and transparent with him and have a repentant heart and he’ll pour his mercy out on your life.

Governed by Grace

Sin Is Not Your Master Anymore

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Sin will not conquer you. It doesn’t stand a chance at winning in your life when Jesus Christ is your true King. And you aren’t governed by the impossible-to-keep law that dooms you to fail over and over again.

Dead to Sin

What It Means to be Dead to Sin

If you’re dead to sin, that means it has no power or authority over you. The old you is no longer alive or sensitive to the call and lure of sin. The old you died with Jesus.