Be Still

Stop the Race

It might be that you need to take a moment, or a day, or a week, to press pause on your life to listen. It might even be that God so arranges things around you that you’re forced to do so beyond your own will. When those times come, take a knee. The Healer needs space to work.

Why Is Silence So Awkward, Anyway?

Awkward Silence

Yesterday I preached the introductory sermon of a new series about hearing from God. I started the message by being purposefully, awkwardly silent for about twelve seconds. It was painful! My purpose was to illustrate the findings of a research project reported on by Time about what happens when we encounter awkward silence. In short, all it takes is about four seconds of awkward silence to “elicit our most primal fears, activating anxiety-provoking feelings of incompatibility and exclusion.”

Why are we so uncomfortable with silence? I believe it has something to do with the beginning of the history of silence. In the previous chapter, we began to grasp the concept that God is social and that God made mankind to be social, placing Adam and Eve into a garden meant to be a setting for continual conversation. And one fateful day in that garden, the conversation died.

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