Real Change: When God Has You In Checkmate

Message Based on The Life of Paul, Acts 9

Change is a tough word. It’s all around us in technology, nature, and culture. Yet I think we fail to understand the most powerful change of all which happens in a human soul that meets and trusts Jesus.

Paul had things going for him quite well. He had ascended to power and prestige. He had the authority of the Roman government to go and arrest Christians for treason and heresy, but Jesus confronted him.

The four things God did in Paul’s life, He does in ours as well…

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Do Something that Matters

One of my favorite movie lines was uttered by Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor. His character, Capt. Rafe McCawley, travels to London before Hawaii was attaked so that he could fly with the British Royal Air Force. When he lands, his new commanding officer asks, “Why is it so many of you young Americans are so eager to die?” McCawley responds, “I’m not eager to die sir, I’m just eager to matter.”

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