I Want to Live In the 8th of Romans

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I don’t have to live under sin’s tyranny any longer. I don’t have to walk in fear and anxiety over my eternal destiny. I don’t have to succumb to temptation. I can pray and connect with God. I can enjoy a foretaste of heaven to come. I can walk in the confidence that I am God’s child, that he is my Father, and that I’m on my way home for good.

The Proof That God Will Take Care of You

God gave up what was most precious to himself, his Son Jesus, to redeem us from the curse and condemnation of our sin. So taking care of us in times of temptation, trial, and suffering is not much of a challenge by comparison. 

More Like Jesus

We Are One Day Closer to Jesus Coming Back

When it comes to the prophecies that the Bible gives us about the future, there are absolutely zero that have to be fulfilled before Jesus can return. His coming back was as imminent and realistic a possibility for the people who walked with Jesus on this earth as they are for us today, twenty centuries later. 

Governed by Grace

Sin Is Not Your Master Anymore

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Sin will not conquer you. It doesn’t stand a chance at winning in your life when Jesus Christ is your true King. And you aren’t governed by the impossible-to-keep law that dooms you to fail over and over again.

Be a Living Sacrifice

Offering Your Whole Self to God

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You can offer your body as an instrument of wickedness, speaking and doing things that are contrary to God’s will. Or you can offer your body as an instrument of righteousness. 

Dead to Sin

What It Means to be Dead to Sin

If you’re dead to sin, that means it has no power or authority over you. The old you is no longer alive or sensitive to the call and lure of sin. The old you died with Jesus.

Hot Passion

Keep Your Passion for Jesus Boiling Hot

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You should think and know God’s trustworthiness regardless of your feelings. And you should also welcome and cultivate the emotions that flow naturally out of a rich relationship with God.

This is the Hour for Commitment

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We who follow Christ ought to live with a continual sense of urgency about the Great Commandment (love God and love others) and the Great Commission (make disciples of all the nations).

Love Fulfills the Law

Why Love Matters More Than Anything Else

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You’ll never know what the truest and highest form of love is until you see Jesus Christ as the Redeemer who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. And when you really understand that moment of sacrifice and what it provided for all of us, you’ll never be the same. 

Spiritual Confidence

How to Live with Spiritual Confidence

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The pathway to spiritual confidence and a right standing before the God of all the universe is through faith in Him and His work on our behalf.