I Want to Be the Pastor on the Bridge

The death of George Floyd migh very well mark a tipping point into a new civil rights movement that shouts that “black lives matter.” The movement of the 60’s and 70’s showed us all how wrong overt white supremacy is. This new movement will expose the evil of systemic racism and injustice.

Act on Behalf of the Oppressed

It’s our responsibility to speak up when we see a problem. Find your boldness. Pray for people. Vote. Reach out. Give. Donate. Help. Serve. Take care of people. Meet needs. Just find ways to do what needs to be done to communicate that Jesus is good news for the broken.

Speaking Up for the Oppressed

Our generation needs to completely eradicate racism. And one of the ways we do that is developing a language of equality and equity. To speak boldly on behalf of the oppressed. To speak the good news that is for the vulnerable. To speak and to boldly show up.

Seeing Prejudice in Your Own Heart

Spend some time searching your heart and say, “God, is there prejudice left in me?” And if so, purge it by fire. The fact is, Jesus Christ died for all, equally. He gives his life for everyone on the cross, and so I need to live my life valuing that kind of equality.

Who Is My Neighbor?

James, in his epistle, tells us that if we fail to love our neighbor, that’s on the same level as committing murder or adultery. If I size someone up as not being my neighbor because of the color of their skin, or where they are socially or economically, I have blown it. I’ve missed the point.

We All Bear the Image of God

No matter what you’re like, no matter where you’re from, no matter how much money you have or how little you have, no matter the shade or tone of your skin, no matter your background, history, heritage, or culture… no matter what, you are infinitely valuable.

Jesus Art

Yes, Jesus IS the Answer

It’s because of my relationship with Jesus Christ that I can look at any person in the world – black, white, brown, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, gay, straight, left, right, conservative, liberal – and see in them the very imprint of the image of God himself, their Creator.

Real Religion

If I Could Master One Thing, It Would Be My Tongue

Religion works when we allow faith and grace to have their proper fruit in the transformation of our lives. Have you been transformed? Perhaps the easiest way to tell is, what kind of grip do you have on your own tongue?

Racism is Every Christian's Problem

There are Baptist churches today in America who don’t want African-Americans attending, much less joining. It’s been said that Sunday morning at 11:00 is the most segregated hour in America. I was once confronted by a Deacon who was upset that I had chosen a bulletin cover that featured a group of African children on the cover… for “World Missions Sunday.” This is a problem.

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