Key to Treasure

What Does God Have Stored Up for You?

God knows what is best, and it often doesn’t align with our view of what is best. He gives us growth through suffering and loss. His timing is also better, and many of his best gifts won’t be enjoyed until Jesus comes again and makes everything right.

King Jesus

Good News: Jesus Has Been Enthroned as King

Salvation can be described in many ways – repenting and believing, receiving Christ, trusting in Christ, believing in him as Lord and Savior – but perhaps my favorite terminology has become bowing before Jesus as King. He saves all who are allegiant. All who surrender. All who trust in his care. 

Freedom and Truth

Wherever You Find Truth, You Will Find Freedom

Strongholds are always constructed of lies and half-truths. But God’s Word is all truth. And whatever weapon, whatever lie the enemy wishes to use against you, there is always a precept – a word of truth from God that will set you free.

You Will Not Fear

You Shall Not Fear

God has promised that all of our pain and suffering will matter forever. He will use it all for your good! See, God has redeemed you, and there is a sense in which he has redeemed everything that happens to you as well. What Satan means for evil, God promises to use for your growth. What might have destroyed you without the covering of God’s grace and protection can never destroy you now because God has promised to use it. 

Under His Wings

God Fiercely Protects His People

Regardless of whether our biggest problems in any given moment are spiritual or physical, internal or external, God himself offers us shelter and protection under his wings, like a mother bird rescuing her children from the traps of the hunter. 

Say It Out Loud

What Do You Have to Say About God?

You are not blessed and protected and favored because of who you are or what you have done. You are blessed and protected and favored because of who God is and what God does for you. So say it out loud, The Almighty, Most High, Savior and all-powerful Creator is my refuge and strength! 

Secret Hideout

The Safest Secret Hideout in the World

There is a safe, secret hideout waiting for you in the very presence of the Most High, the Almighty, the Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. And what is especially beautiful is that all are freely invited to come in – not just the rich or the religious – all who are broken and afraid are freely welcomed.

Your Life Matters

A Psalm for the Dark Days of Depression

The day is coming. That glorious day when you redemption is complete by the return of the good King Jesus. Your life always, always matters. Every time you breathe another breath, your very life shows the world something about your Creator.