Be Still

Stop the Race

It might be that you need to take a moment, or a day, or a week, to press pause on your life to listen. It might even be that God so arranges things around you that you’re forced to do so beyond your own will. When those times come, take a knee. The Healer needs space to work.

Touch Jesus with Prayer

Jesus Knows When He’s Been Touched

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There are moments when we, in our desperation, reach out for the heart of Jesus. We cry out from our pain, from our disappointment, our discouragement, and our despair and we touch Jesus without our words and with the cries of our heart. And we often wonder, does God hear me? Does he care? Yes. Yes he does.

God Has What You need

One Prayer God Always Loves to Answer

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God has everything you really need, and he’s quite generous. But he wants you to stop scheming and start praying. When pray, God delights to say yes.