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Crematorium at Auschwitz

From Auschwitz to the Pasadena Planned Parenthood Affiliate: Our Culture of Death Continues

Crematorium at Auschwitz

Last night, I caught a few minutes of a History Channel show about Auschwitz, where 1.1 million Jews were essentially murdered systematically by the Nazi regime in occupied Poland. The picture in this article is of the ovens, which remain as you see them as a memorial to those who died. Shelly Palmer wrote a detailed piece on Huffington Post about the technology of the holocaust as highlighted at Birkenau. The holocaust was an atrocity that should never be repeated on this planet.

One of the more unpopular things to do, today, is to compare abortion to the holocaust. But I can’t help thinking of the similarities, especially in terms of the technologies used to exterminate a defenseless portion of humanity. In Auschwitz, it was ovens and gas chambers. In abortion-providing clinics across America, it is the ultrasound-guided precision murder and subsequent removal of babies from their mothers’ wombs.

UPDATE: Let me address the issue of comparing abortion to the holocaust, which really seems to raise the ire of those on the pro-choice side and evoke plenty of “how dare you” responses. The world today has erected a multitude of museums and monuments to the holocaust. We’ve done the same to mark the genocide of Native Americans, slavery, and plenty of other atrocities. Why? So that we can learn. So that we will look back and draw, not complete comparisons, but lessons about how we ought to protect the sanctity of all human life, at all cost. My personal hope is that someday, this modern holocaust will be behind us and we’ll erect a monument to memorialize the millions of lives lost. In other words, no apologies here for making this partial comparison. We ought to have learned from this horrid tendency to victimize the most defenseless for our own gain.

We are still cold. We are still calloused. And we’ll still eliminate sixty million people from our population, before they ever see the light of day, to keep life the way we’d prefer it to be for ourselves.

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