Committees Don't Do Ministry, People Do Ministry

Death by Committee

Death by Committee

Committees meet. They schedule a meeting to talk about all the stuff there is to do and who could possibly do it. I was reading this morning from John Maxwell’s Leadership Gold: Lessons I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Leading. In chapter 18, entitled “the secret to a good meeting is the meeting before the meeting,” Maxwell quotes Harry Chapman as giving a list of how to handle being on a committee:

  • Never arrive on time: this stamps you as a beginner.
  • Don’t say anything until the meeting is over: this stamps you as being wise.
  • Be as vague as possible: this avoids irritating others.
  • When in doubt, suggest that a subcommittee be appointed.
  • Be the first to move for adjournment: this will make you popular – it’s what everyone is waiting for.

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This is the Age of Many Hats

pssst - keep this under your hatI was just reading an interview with a blogger named Rose who mentioned wearing “many hats.” In her case, “wife, mother, respite worker, proud shih-tzu owner, blogger, published poet, freelance writer, as well as the owner and administrator of and” This got me to thinking about my own life and yours too. In fact, it got me thinking about how the wearing of “many hats” is a trend.

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The Tougher Side of Leadership: Patience with People

People… they’re all around us! There are nearly seven billion of them on the planet and they’re all different. I think God purposely puts us in relationships (marriage, work, church, etc.) with people who are vastly different than we are and then chuckles as we try to get along. But get along we must – it’s part of our purpose. One of the greatest challenges of leadership is learning to be patient with people. The payoff is huge, but it’s certainly not easy.

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