Peacemakers Peacekeepers

Be a Peacemaker, not a Peacekeeper

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The pathway to joy-filled living is doing the hard thing of sharing both truth and grace in a restorative manner. It’s speaking up, but without being condescending or argumentative. It’s taking a stand, but a stand alongside people rather than over them. 

Jesus Died for the Difficult People

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If difficult people are making you miserable, there is a pathway to blessing and to fullness of joy, but it’s not an easy pathway. It’s the pathway of peacemaking. 

Lust and Porn

Breaking Free from the Bondage of Lust

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On a spiritual level, lust and pornography are highly problematic. I believe lust hurts our intimacy with God and with others, steals away our confidence in life and in leadership, and traps us in cycles of self-loathing, shame, and depression.

Crown of Thorns

Living with Kingdom Priorities

Rather than desiring to know how everything is going to work out along the way, we’re to put at the very front of our minds the kingship of Jesus and allow everything else to flow out of that.

Love Each Other

One New Commandment to Rule Them All

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Love each other as much as Jesus loved you and the world will know you belong to him. His movement, back then and today as well, would be known as a movement of love.

Single Light

Living With a Single Priority

Priorities. Did you know that word actually means pretty much nothing? The word priority comes from the Latin word prior which means former or first. That which is a priority is first. It’s the source out of which something else comes. So to have many different “firsts” somehow ranking against each other makes little sense. In other words, you can only have one priority. Or…

To do two things at once is to do neither – Publilius Syrus

One of the most important questions you can ever answer about yourself is, what’s the one thing I’m really living for? I know what you’re thinking. I’ve got family, work, friendships, hobbies, my finances, my physical health, and a dozen little side projects at any given time. Can I really drop them all and focus only on one? Not exactly.

To understand what living life with a single priority is all about, as Christians, we need to ask the Master. And here is what Jesus had to say,

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