Who Is My Neighbor?

James, in his epistle, tells us that if we fail to love our neighbor, that’s on the same level as committing murder or adultery. If I size someone up as not being my neighbor because of the color of their skin, or where they are socially or economically, I have blown it. I’ve missed the point.

God Has Spoken

Simply Believing What God Has Spoken

You can open your Bible to any book, chapter, and verse, and God will have spoken. It’s all God’s perfect word. And at the end of the Bible there stands a giant exclamation point carrying the message, I have spoken. 

The Rare and Valuable Gift of Gratitude

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You have within you today a rare and precious gift. It’s powerful in that it shapes your own heart and creates joy while also giving witness to others of the goodness of the God you serve. It’s the rare and valuable gift of gratitude. 

God Has What You need

One Prayer God Always Loves to Answer

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God has everything you really need, and he’s quite generous. But he wants you to stop scheming and start praying. When pray, God delights to say yes.