2021: The Year of GOOD News?

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2021 will be a year of good news. Does that mean we’ll see positive news headlines in the media? Probably not. But the word “gospel” literally means “good news,” and it never gets old.


King Jesus Came With a Clear and Unapologetic Agenda

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The agenda of King Jesus is crystal clear. It has been spoken. It has been written. It has been decided what Jesus would and did come to accomplish, and there is no reversing this divinely authoritative decree. 

Jesus Art

Yes, Jesus IS the Answer

It’s because of my relationship with Jesus Christ that I can look at any person in the world – black, white, brown, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, gay, straight, left, right, conservative, liberal – and see in them the very imprint of the image of God himself, their Creator.

More Like Jesus

We Are One Day Closer to Jesus Coming Back

When it comes to the prophecies that the Bible gives us about the future, there are absolutely zero that have to be fulfilled before Jesus can return. His coming back was as imminent and realistic a possibility for the people who walked with Jesus on this earth as they are for us today, twenty centuries later. 

This Gospel

By This Gospel You Are Saved

The good news you’ve been waiting for all your life is this – the Messiah and Savior came, just as God promised, to die as a payment for the penalty of our sins and to rise again to reign forever and ever as King and High Priest!

Dont Be Troubled

Hope When Your Heart Is Troubled

Resurrections happen. In fact, they are promised. And their promise is made sure by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave. He’s alive forevermore, worthy of absolute allegiance and trust. Don’t let your heart be troubled. Trust the Father. Trust the Son. We’re going to get through this. 

When You Can’t Carry It All

Jesus says, when you’re trying to carry it all and you hit that wall where you realize you just can’t do it anymore, even at the very end of your rope, come to him. 

Jesus Is Building His Church

Jesus is Building His Church

The church gets to tackle global issues like disease, poverty, a lack of education, and spiritual blindness. We get to protect the vulnerable, defend the oppressed, and serve the poor, the sick, and the needy. We get to tell the good news of the hope we have in Christ to everyone on the planet until all have been invited. We get to love and serve and offer a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name.