Grow Deeper

Never Stop Going Deeper

God wants to take you deeper today. Deeper into the reality of his goodness. Deeper into the recesses of your own heart where real, lasting healing needs to occur. Deeper into the solid soil of scriptural truth about who you are, how the world works, and God’s plan to redeem all things for his glory forever. 

God Is a Finisher

God Is A Finisher

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If God finished the work of redemption in Christ, and if God will certainly fulfill all of His Word concerning the future, then God will also certainly finish whatever He may begin in my own life.

Walk Through Fire

Your Pain Always Has a Point

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The truth is, you’ll never become all that God has in mind for you to become unless you walk through fire. Do you want God’s very best blessings poured out into your life badly enough to walk through the fire?

Bamboo Forest

Growth is Change, and Change Starts with the Leader

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Different organizations need to change in different ways. It could be about strategy, structure, personnel, or culture. But there is one constant. When the organization needs to change… the leader has to grow first.