I Want to Live In the 8th of Romans

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I don’t have to live under sin’s tyranny any longer. I don’t have to walk in fear and anxiety over my eternal destiny. I don’t have to succumb to temptation. I can pray and connect with God. I can enjoy a foretaste of heaven to come. I can walk in the confidence that I am God’s child, that he is my Father, and that I’m on my way home for good.

The Proof That God Will Take Care of You

God gave up what was most precious to himself, his Son Jesus, to redeem us from the curse and condemnation of our sin. So taking care of us in times of temptation, trial, and suffering is not much of a challenge by comparison. 

Content in Grace

How to Always, Always Have Enough

You may be walking through a time of need, a time of lack, a season of rejection, a moment of pain. But this much is absolutely true – all that you will ever truly need is available to you, by the grace of God, through a relationship with his Son, Jesus Christ. 

Touch Jesus with Prayer

Jesus Knows When He’s Been Touched

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There are moments when we, in our desperation, reach out for the heart of Jesus. We cry out from our pain, from our disappointment, our discouragement, and our despair and we touch Jesus without our words and with the cries of our heart. And we often wonder, does God hear me? Does he care? Yes. Yes he does.

Conceal or Confess

What’s Holding You Back? Unconfessed Sin

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God is so incredibly merciful that all he asks is for you to be open and transparent with him and have a repentant heart and he’ll pour his mercy out on your life.

Now Stay Free!

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You’ll never get anywhere if, having been set free by the power and grace of God, you keep believing that you’re not free. You’ll live down to the level of your lack of faith.

Forgive Others

Breaking Free from the Bondage of Unforgiveness

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Forgiveness is the decision to write off and set someone free from the debt they owe you – an apology, affirmation, time, a relationship, money, etc. – and to move on without expecting repayment any longer.

Bondage Legalism

Breaking Free from the Bondage of Legalism

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Keeping rules will never make you right with God. Jesus already did that on your behalf and now invites you to step out of slavery and into freedom entirely by grace.