2021: The Year of GOOD News?

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2021 will be a year of good news. Does that mean we’ll see positive news headlines in the media? Probably not. But the word “gospel” literally means “good news,” and it never gets old.

Good News

Good News for the Broken

One of the greatest ways that you can use your tongue is to speak up on behalf of those who are poor. To speak up on behalf of those who are oppressed. To speak up on behalf of those who are buried under the weight and the pain created by other people, by systems, by culture and to speak on behalf of those who are not always able to speak on their own behalf. 

King Jesus

Good News: Jesus Has Been Enthroned as King

Salvation can be described in many ways – repenting and believing, receiving Christ, trusting in Christ, believing in him as Lord and Savior – but perhaps my favorite terminology has become bowing before Jesus as King. He saves all who are allegiant. All who surrender. All who trust in his care. 

Gospel Comes with Power

The Gospel Arrives with Supernatural Power

The gospel message, when shared faithfully, is always accompanied by the awakening work of God’s Spirit. Spiritually dead people come alive to the saving reality of the cross and resurrection of Jesus because the very story of Jesus comes with supernatural, divine power. 

Back to Life

Jesus Was Dead and Buried

Jesus died. Completely. He fully suffered death, the penalty of our sin, on our behalf. He took on our fiercest enemy and defeated it so that death, for those of us who place our faith in him, will simply be an instantaneous transition from this life to the next.

This Gospel

By This Gospel You Are Saved

The good news you’ve been waiting for all your life is this – the Messiah and Savior came, just as God promised, to die as a payment for the penalty of our sins and to rise again to reign forever and ever as King and High Priest!

Great Lion

Good News: King Jesus Saves and Reigns!

The gospel – the good news – is that Jesus died on the cross to provide a substitutionary atonement, paying for the penalty incurred by the sins of lost mankind. He rose again from the grave the third day resulting in His absolute victory over sin, death, and the grave.