gospel of luke

Good News

Good News for the Broken

One of the greatest ways that you can use your tongue is to speak up on behalf of those who are poor. To speak up on behalf of those who are oppressed. To speak up on behalf of those who are buried under the weight and the pain created by other people, by systems, by culture and to speak on behalf of those who are not always able to speak on their own behalf. 

Who Is My Neighbor?

James, in his epistle, tells us that if we fail to love our neighbor, that’s on the same level as committing murder or adultery. If I size someone up as not being my neighbor because of the color of their skin, or where they are socially or economically, I have blown it. I’ve missed the point.

Who You Are

How Jesus Gives Us Confidence

Find yourself in a relationship with Christ and you’ll know peace with God, peace with yourself, and peace with your world. There are plenty of counterfeit sources of false confidence, but connecting with your Creator and his purposes for you is where real confidence and peace come from.

Touch Jesus with Prayer

Jesus Knows When He’s Been Touched

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There are moments when we, in our desperation, reach out for the heart of Jesus. We cry out from our pain, from our disappointment, our discouragement, and our despair and we touch Jesus without our words and with the cries of our heart. And we often wonder, does God hear me? Does he care? Yes. Yes he does.

When Life is Hard, Keep Living It for God’s Glory

Don’t give up in the dry season. Don’t despair when it seems like all darkness. Don’t stop pressing toward Jesus. His purpose awaits you. Healing is in his wings. And every day that you get out of bed with hope for better is one more opportunity to praise and glorify God.