Good Father

Every Good Gift You’ve Ever Known

We enjoy God’s good gifts every day of our lives. And one of life’s most rewarding experiences comes when we trace those gifts back to their source and discover the love of a very good heavenly Father. 

The Proof That God Will Take Care of You

God gave up what was most precious to himself, his Son Jesus, to redeem us from the curse and condemnation of our sin. So taking care of us in times of temptation, trial, and suffering is not much of a challenge by comparison. 

Say It Out Loud

What Do You Have to Say About God?

You are not blessed and protected and favored because of who you are or what you have done. You are blessed and protected and favored because of who God is and what God does for you. So say it out loud, The Almighty, Most High, Savior and all-powerful Creator is my refuge and strength! 

Better Stories

You Choose What Stories You Rehearse

You don’t always get to choose what happens to you. But you do get to choose 1.) what you focus on, and 2.) what story assign to what you’re focusing on. So focus on eternal truth. Focus on Christ and his love. Focus on people. And repeat biblical stories about yourself, about God, and about others, about your past and about your future.

God On His Throne

The World is in Very Good Hands

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God made a perfectly peaceful paradise and offered it as a gift to be stewarded by mankind. Then… sin. Pain. Suffering. Corrosion. And corruption. Oppression. Injustice. 

Giving God

God Has Always Been a Giver

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If you want to become generous (which is the pathway to joy), you should definitely start by considering rather deeply the generosity of your Creator.