Faith is Obedience

Real Faith Goes All In

Biblical faith is obedience and action. It’s acting upon what I know God has commanded me to do in spite of the consequences. In other words, I look at the cost, and I decide following in Jesus and believing in God is worth the cost and I’m going all in in my faith.

Faith Over Fear

Real Faith Moves Past Fear

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Real faith actually moves to the place of love and obedience. It’s saying, God, not only do I believe that you are up there, but I commit my life into your hands. I want to have a love-based relationship with my father, with the Creator.

Faith Moves

Real Faith Moves Toward the Messes

Real faith sees problems and acts on them. Real faith sees issues that people have, and addresses them. Real faith gets involved in the messy, broken lives of people who may or may not have faith of their own. So faith is something that works and it displays a life-changing, helping, serving, problem-tackling kind of life.

Faith Works

Real Faith is a Faith That Works

Am I showing my neighbor that my faith has been put to work and that it has a practical effect in my life? I am overcoming temptation. I am rising above circumstances. I am lasting through moments of change and transition. Is my faith really working?

Tested or Tempted

Are You Being Tested? Or Tempted?

Whatever it is that is pressing against your faith, you can tell if it’s from God if you’re being drawn to succeed and to grow. If you’re being drawn to fail and to move away from God, it’s not God’s doing.


Are We All Being Tested? Yes, Actually

God “tests” your faith with a view toward growing your faith. He leads you to the limit, allowing various circumstances in your life that require your faith to grow so that, on the other side of the testing, you’re stronger than ever. 

Secret Hideout

The Safest Secret Hideout in the World

There is a safe, secret hideout waiting for you in the very presence of the Most High, the Almighty, the Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. And what is especially beautiful is that all are freely invited to come in – not just the rich or the religious – all who are broken and afraid are freely welcomed.

Choose Better Attitudes

4 Attitudes You Can Choose Today

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Adopting healthy attitudes is a daily discipline that requires our enjoying time with God in prayer, yielding to others, and cultivating thoughts of gratitude for God’s grace.

Now Stay Free!

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You’ll never get anywhere if, having been set free by the power and grace of God, you keep believing that you’re not free. You’ll live down to the level of your lack of faith.