Thoughts from One Depressed Pastor to Many, Many Others

When you’re hurting and sad and you don’t even know exactly why you’re so sad, but someone, instead of offering solutions or guilt trips or “snap out of it” advice just comes along and validates what you’re feeling, it’s powerful. In other words, it’s just hard.

Your Life Matters

A Psalm for the Dark Days of Depression

The day is coming. That glorious day when you redemption is complete by the return of the good King Jesus. Your life always, always matters. Every time you breathe another breath, your very life shows the world something about your Creator.

Filled with Hope

You Have to Have Hope to Cope

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Hopelessness is like slipping over the edge of a deep, dark cavern. The light begins to fade and no matter how hard you scramble, you can’t seem to find any hope to hang onto. But the Bible contains a special prayer about hope.


Sometimes You Need Wise Counsel

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God has gifted some people with the ability to speak truth into your life, to lift you up when you’re down, and to take you deeper and closer in your spiritual maturity. Some of these people are known as counselors.

Walk by Faith

How to Fight Depression with Faith

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We walk by faith, not by sight. We also walk by faith, not by feelings. Faith doesn’t always fix depression, but it definitely equips us to suffer through it with strength. 

You Matter to God

When the Godly Get Depressed

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The church absolutely must remove the stigma of depression, create safe places for people who struggle, and encourage people to address depression holistically.