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Hey Fellow Christians, We Have a Fight on Our Hands!

Fighting for the Flag

I learned in a public high school, nothing draws a crowd faster than a fight. Now that I’m an adult, the same is true, but usually the fight isn’t with fists but with words. The idea of fighting the good fight is definitely a biblical idea. We should fight for our purity and fight for the innocent and defenseless. But there’s another lesson I was taught as a kid. Sometimes it takes even more guts to walk away from a fight.

I’ve been a little exhausted by all of the “fightin’ words” I’ve seen displayed across my social media news.

“We’ve gotta fight for our rights… We’ve gotta fight the liberals… We’ve gotta fight to keep this country Christian, put God back in schools, etc…”

I get it. You’re frustrated. Here’s the big question we forget to ask though. WHO is it we’re really fighting with? I have no fight with liberals or conservatives or libertarians or anyone else. I have no fight with the LGBT community. I have no fight with non-Baptists or non-Christians or non-theists. Why? Because these are all people. Like me. And we all have three things in common.

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