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We Are One Day Closer to Jesus Coming Back

When it comes to the prophecies that the Bible gives us about the future, there are absolutely zero that have to be fulfilled before Jesus can return. His coming back was as imminent and realistic a possibility for the people who walked with Jesus on this earth as they are for us today, twenty centuries later. 

Grow Deeper

Never Stop Going Deeper

God wants to take you deeper today. Deeper into the reality of his goodness. Deeper into the recesses of your own heart where real, lasting healing needs to occur. Deeper into the solid soil of scriptural truth about who you are, how the world works, and God’s plan to redeem all things for his glory forever. 

Forgive Others

Breaking Free from the Bondage of Unforgiveness

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Forgiveness is the decision to write off and set someone free from the debt they owe you – an apology, affirmation, time, a relationship, money, etc. – and to move on without expecting repayment any longer.