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How God Stirs the Heart of a Church Planter

I love church planters! In fact, I believe God called me to minister to church planters in any way possible in any position I ever hold. As a Pastor, I’ve never apologized for bringing plenty of these God-called, Spirit-filled courageous leaders before my church to hear them out, encourage them, and partner with them financially.

Last week, I shared via this blog the news that we are in the midst of a transition in ministry. We’ll be re-locating to southern California where I’ll join the staff of Saddleback Church. Upon that announcement, my friend Rob Hagar left a rather lengthy comment that touched my heart.

I wanted to share it here instead of leaving it at the bottom of a post sure to become quickly lost in the stream of new articles. This is the testimony of how God called one courageous church planter to do what church planters do…

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