Dont Be Troubled

Hope When Your Heart Is Troubled

Resurrections happen. In fact, they are promised. And their promise is made sure by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave. He’s alive forevermore, worthy of absolute allegiance and trust. Don’t let your heart be troubled. Trust the Father. Trust the Son. We’re going to get through this. 

Take a Sabbath Day Off

Be a Weekend Warrior, Not a Weekend Worrier

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When you live in a healthy rhythm, taking a day off to refuel and recharge, you’ll be far more effective and productive in the other six days. It’s just the way God made it. And he made it that way because he loves you!

Be Thankful

The Secret to Being “At Peace” with Life

Want peace? Express gratitude. Thank God every morning for life and the day ahead. Thank God in all of your moments of potential frustration. And then close every day by listing three things you’re thankful for from the day. 

Don't Worry You Are Valuable

Jesus Sees Your Value, Even When You Don’t

Jesus ties our need to live worry-free to our value before God. Because you are much more valuable than any bird, which God cares for out of his goodness and love, he will definitely take care of you.