Time to Grow

It Takes Time to Realize Your God-Given Destiny

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When it comes to your relationship with God, don’t hold back. But when it comes to how you engage the world, wait on the prompting and the power of God. And when you have your assignment, go out with passion!

Know God

When God Comes to Shake Things Up

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There are many things God wants us to know in our heads about him, about his Word, about his world. But more than simply knowing about him, God wants us to know him in a way that changes us from the inside out. 

Praise in the Valley

Praise and the Presence of God in the Valley

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Miracles occur when you praise God in the valley. Don’t stop! When you worship, especially in broken places, God shows up and manifests his presence in ways you’ve yet to even imagine!

Baptism Holy Spirit

Experiencing the Empowerment of the Holy Spirit

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When you’re fully surrendered, fully immersed, and fully empowered, everything is different. You’re not more or less a Christian, but you’re enhanced. You do all the same things, but with supernatural energy beyond your own when you submit to the filling and empowerment of the Spirit.

Kingdom for the City

The Good News of the Kingdom of God

Here is good news for your life – you don’t have to live under a cloud of suffering or the darkness of sin or the tyranny of addiction because the Kingdom of God is near. In fact, Jesus said it is within you.