1 corinthians


In Temptation, Hit the Eject Button

God didn’t promise you that you’d always be strong enough, on your own, to handle temptation. But he did promise that there would always be an escape lever, and there always, always is one.

Run from Cynicism

Why You Should Run From Cynicism

Sin isn’t just a one-time act. It’s something that wishes to claim your heart and your life a little piece at a time. Don’t let it. Run from cynicism. Stay soft toward God’s Spirit, God’s Word, and other people.

Back to Life

Jesus Was Dead and Buried

Jesus died. Completely. He fully suffered death, the penalty of our sin, on our behalf. He took on our fiercest enemy and defeated it so that death, for those of us who place our faith in him, will simply be an instantaneous transition from this life to the next.

This Gospel

By This Gospel You Are Saved

The good news you’ve been waiting for all your life is this – the Messiah and Savior came, just as God promised, to die as a payment for the penalty of our sins and to rise again to reign forever and ever as King and High Priest!

Live in Victory

Want to Walk in Victory? Fix Your Focus!

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Because of the death of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection, you get to walk in victory over life and death, sin, and the grave forever. So be positive.