Tim Keller on What Culture Is and Why It Matters

Culture doesn’t simply exist. It is created. It is, to remain linguistically faithful, cultivated. And culture matters. Within an organization, it “eats strategy for breakfast” according to Peter Drucker.

Earlier in my life, I was taught to equate culture with “the world.” The Bible refers often to “the world” as a system of thinking devoid of God’s influence. There is the sacred – all things church, Bible, and Christian. And then there is the secular – all things NOT church, Bible, or Christian. When we think this way, it’s Christ versus the culture, or church versus the culture.

But this was never the way we were supposed to understand culture to begin with. Culture is inevitable, and if you will accept it, the very existence of culture actually points to the existence of a divine Creator. How? It’s complicated. That’s why I’m glad that in less than a twenty minute talk, Tim Keller is able to explain pretty clearly what I seem to muddle through when I try to elaborate on it.

Know this: Church leaders must be students of culture if we take the Great Commandment and the Great Commission seriously. And once you understand what culture really is and why it matters so much, determine to go create it! Do some good.

Discovered via Q Ideas.