Build a niche website. Put some affiliate links in it. Earn some commission.

It’s fun. It’s how you turn your passion into a profitable business and provide value to people all at the same time.

I run several small niche sites. It’s a lot of fun. It doesn’t take much time. And the income is mostly passive income. That is, you aren’t trading an hour for a wage but rather you’re creating something in an hour that creates a recurring, residual income.

Another approach to affiliate marketing is to pay advertising programs like Google Adwords and Bing Ads to send traffic to your affiliate links in the hopes that your sales revenue is larger than your advertising expenses. It’s risky and takes a long time to learn how to do it well.

But then, there is another level of affiliate marketing most of the world is unfamiliar with. People are exposed to it all the time without realizing it, and it is a powerful way to become a profitable online entrepreneur.

JV Launches.

What in the world is that? Well, “JV” stands for joint venture.

Someone is getting ready to launch a new product, offer a new service, or perhaps release a new app. They invite “partners” to join in together and promote it with them and then share some of the revenue from the sales as commissions.

Think of it as investing in a startup business, but without any up front risk other than the reputation upon which you recommend the product or service to your tribe of followers and subscribers.

You might already be familiar with all of this, but I’d been blogging for a long time before I finally found a simple explanation of what a JV launch was all about.

Now, I participate in them when I believe in the product and can see the value of it for my readers.

The revenue share for JV launches is often much higher than with traditional affiliate marketing. Instead of 4 to 10% commissions, you’ll often earn 25 to 50% or more of both initial sales and ongoing, subscription-based revenue.

So… check out this little bit of news…

Leading online marketplace platform JVZoo is re-releasing JVZoo Academy: a 7-part training series for online business owners, led by one of the platform’s top affiliates Sam Bakker.

JV Zoo Academy

A reported $75,000,000 has been paid out in affiliate commissions between sellers and affiliates over the JVZoo platform since they launched online in 2012.

Following on from the success of many marketers on the platform, JVZoo asked one of their top affiliates to provide training to members about how to use the platform as both a seller and affiliate to build a successful online business.

Sam Bakker has been running an online business since the age of twelve. Since he began launching and promoting products on JVZoo four years ago, he’s paid out almost $2,000,000 in affiliates commissions, and earned over $2,000,000 in affiliate commissions.

It was a no-brainer for me when we decided to create this training. JVZoo has been the most reliable marketplace I’ve used to date that’s allowed me to build and scale my online business.

During the years, Sam Bakker developed a strategy of how he attracts and retains subscribers and supporters using JVZoo. Many were contacting him, asking to be coached in order to start their own business themselves and over time he took on students to share his strategy with.

It was a risky move because there’s an assumption that the online business industry has capped potential. If one marketer makes a sale, there’s a belief that another marketer will lose a sale. However this isn’t the case. The system I teach ensures that the market actually grows as more online business owners enter it. It’s a win-win for all.

Professional race car driver Sam Robinson was one of Sam Bakker’s first students. He made $16,000 in commissions seven months after starting.

I didn’t really know Sam Bakker, but I saw he was becoming more and more successful on JVZoo. So I got in touch with him, quit my job and traveled to Thailand in May where he was at the time to learn everything I could off him. I had so much fun learning it all throughout the year, that when I checked my sales in November, I realized I had been growing my business so rapidly – something I’ve never seen in any other business I’ve started.

comments Sam Robinson.

JVZoo Academy paid premium training is designed for online business owners – both new and advanced. The strategies shared within the training have been tested specifically on JVZoo, and are taught in a way that will give students maximum success on the platform.

We’re giving away 100% of what I personally do in my business. The success of the training only depends on those who study it, and take action. That’s the one requirement: being ready to execute what we teach.

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