In Hot Pursuit of the Love of My Life

When I was in high school, dating was popular. Okay, it’s always been popular. I dated… or at least I went on a few dates. There arose here and there those opportunities to ask a girl to go out, and I had a few first and even second and third dates here and there. But I never felt motivated to pursue any of those potential relationships until I met Angie Kirk. Everything changed.

I remember meeting Angie for the first time. We sat in a classroom full of old computers by ourselves talking (I don’t have any idea where we were supposed to be. We talked and talked. Soon we did a double-date with a couple of friends and watched the classic Cool Runnings. And that was it. She was kind of done… or so she thought.

I called her repeatedly and we would talk for great lengths of time. I somehow managed to convince her Mom and Dad I was a good guy, so her Mom’s persuasive abilities came into play as well, encouraging her daughter to “give this guy another shot.” I groveled, begged, and conned Angie into another date on January 5, 1995. The rest is history, and I’d do it all over again!! Why? She was worth pursuing, and still is.

I married a woman of excellence, and I’m proud of her. She dresses the part. She’s graceful, elegant, cute, funny, stylish, encouraging, and beautiful. She cares. She loves. She serves. She laughs. She’s awesome. I pursue her still!

Now Angie and I find ourselves immersed together in lives that are at times, busy, crazy, and hectic. We’ve been praying for a second (or more) child for over five years. We’ve been through an ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage, and surgery that we were hopeful would help the situation. Through it all, I’m so glad we get to find ourselves in each other’s arms. I would not want to live life any other way. Angie, you are so worth the chase!