Harsh Realities Facing Today's Church

About 100,000 churches will be dead in a decade and a half. That’s somewhere around one fourth of the churches that exist in America today. Personally, I don’t believe “the church” is dying, but the overall health of the church in America will be drastically hindered by the disappearance of so many local bodies.

Thom Rainer agrees, and I think he’s well-qualified to speak to the issue. He recently wrote really great little book called Autopsy of a Dead Church. Everybody ought to read it. Tom offers some of his conclusions about what’s wrong and what could possibly be done to curb the death march of many churches.

I think it’s time for Christians who love their churches and love Jesus to get serious and to hear the shocking realities of this hour. Personally, based on experience and observation, I can name five enormous problems without hesitation. There are more, but these are the five that immediately spring to my mind. Listen to this five minute audio clip to hear my diagnosis.

What else would you add? And what can be done? How do we save the local church in America?