Happy First Birthday, Grace Hills!

Cold Baptism

Northwest Arkansas is a fantastic place to call home, and thousands of people are calling it home for the first time, many of whom don’t have a relationship with Jesus. So a year ago, Grace Hills Church launched publicly to reach people far from God. In that first year, thirty people went public with their newfound faith in Christ through baptism – a moment we celebrate big-time at Grace Hills.

Here’s a brief video snapshot…

What will our second year bring? I’ve already written recently about why 2013 is going to rock at Grace Hills, and to celebrate its kickoff, we baptized two more new believers this past weekend, in 25 degree weather, outside, in cold water!!

As Kelsey put it…


That never gets old! And that’s what I pray 2013 looks like all year long!!

I want to take a little space here to publicly thank the people who have given to make this first year happen.

Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!! And may the next year be the best ever for the sake of souls!