God Loves You with a Love-in-Action

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God Acted in Love

In yesterday’s devotional, I mentioned that God loves you with his emotions. If you’ve not related to God as a God with emotions, that may be a struggle to embrace, partly because we assume emotional means shallow.

But here’s the truth: God loves you with his emotions and his actions.

Here’s the proof…

But God clearly shows and proves His own love for us, by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8 AMP

You’ve perhaps heard the phrase, put your money where your mouth is? Well, God sent his Son to offer himself as a sacrifice for our sins as the ultimate proof of his claim of love for us.

Jesus once talked about going the second mile. Then he did so when he followed God’s will perfectly and obediently, all the way to the cross and the tomb, because of God’s deep, deep love for you.

I was once lost. Not just spiritually, but literally. I got lost in a field as a kid with a couple of friends, who abandoned me at dusk because they knew their own ways home. I managed to get out of the field and find a telephone pole at the far end of our neighborhood.

My parents were in a panic and my older brother struck out looking for me. And he found me. That was an incredible relief! Someone came for me! They didn’t just worry. The acted on my behalf.

If you’ve ever come to grips with your own spiritual lostness, you can rest assured God has acted on your behalf. Jesus came for you. He didn’t just feel badly for you – he stepped in as your Rescuer and Redeemer!

And here’s the most important piece of it all. Jesus’ act of giving his life for yours on the cross is the one thing that can actually save you. When you trust what Jesus did to show his love for you, you are born again. You become a child of God, by grace, through faith in Jesus.