Grace Hills' Second Service

A snapshot taken in our first official “second” service, 1/19/2014.

I am humbled! Today marked the 2nd anniversary of our launch as Grace Hills Church. Today, we also launched a second morning worship service – something I’ll write about later. And today, we began a new teaching series called Healing: Recovering from Life’s Hurts, Habits, and Hang-ups.

We had a record attendance. 240 people came, 47 of whom were kids, and 2 young adults received Jesus as their Savior. THAT never gets old! That’s the highlight – two young ladies who are going to heaven now, for whom life will never be the same again.

What really humbled me the most, however, was that I started the message off by declaring, “My name is Brandon. I’m a Christian who struggles with anger, and here’s the story of what that has looked like as Jesus was worked in my life to help me understand and start to heal.”

And the result of risking saying something like that to my Grace Hills family? People were thankful. People felt free to say, “I’m broken too.”

We’ve been determined from day one that Grace Hills will be a church OF broken people with a message FOR broken people. We embrace messes and value messy ministry. We’re a safe place for people with struggles and we believe that, though broken by sin, there is forgiveness and healing in a relationship with Jesus.

I’m taking away some big blessings from today…

  • Jesus saves, and Jesus alone, and He’s powerful to save people from every background imaginable.
  • Risks are worth taking, like launching two services when we hadn’t filled up the room we were in. It worked.
  • Getting real matters. Transparency matters. And I don’t ever want to go back to faking it. Ever.
  • If God can use me, He can use anybody, and He has and He will!
  • Volunteers are awesome! From the early setup crew to the kids volunteers to the greeters and the coffee makers, I LOVE the people who invest their heart and their energy into making Grace Hills what it is.

And we’re still just getting started. God is at work, gathering a community of believers who are coming to know Jesus and serving others for His glory. And I can’t wait to witness what is next!

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