3 Things That Christians Should Be Angry About Today


photo credit: gsgeorge

Anger isn’t bad. It’s an emotion. It’s a matter of deciding what to be angry about, how angry to be, and how long to stay angry. Sometimes, I see Christians getting angry about things that seem like misplaced priorities. What catches my attention is that we get mad about certain cultural issues and we group up by the thousands to voice our protest and declare war on our perceived enemies, while we display apathy about the kinds of things that Jesus would have been angry about.

For example…

Human Trafficking. Let’s get angry about this.

Persecution. Let’s be angry for our brothers and sisters.

HIV/AIDS. Let’s be angry about millions dying too young.

Unnecessary Stop Signs. Some of them could be yield signs… Maybe that’s just my issue.

There are, of course, many other things we should also be angry over. The point is, our correctly placed anger should turn into action instead of bitterness. And it should be directed at things that hurt people rather than the people who have been hurt by things.