The internet marketing world can make you feel all icky and weird.

Too many information products are all hype and no help, promising overnight riches and instant cash on autopilot with push button systems so you can move to a beach and sip umbrella drinks while working a half an hour per month.

But it’s this very world of internet marketing that has taught me how to spread the word about good, worthy subjects and build online learning communities for leaders.

In other words, there’s something to it.

It’s worth learning. So I like to weed through the weird stuff and climb over all the talk of getting rich to understand just what works – what people buy, how people make decisions, how news travels, etc.

And, the fact that being good at internet marketing can help you earn extra income is a bonus!

I’m not a real estate guy. I might never own rental property and I’ll probably never have a clue about how the stock market works.

But I understand the internet, and marketing.

It took me a long time to understand the jargon that digital marketers typically use.

I didn’t come from a professional background that talked much about sales funnels or conversion rates. Sometimes, what you need is the basics.


  • How does affiliate marketing work?
  • Where do I find affiliate programs?
  • How do I get accepted?
  • How do I pick and promote the best products?
  • How can I get internet traffic to my promotions?

Welcome… Genesis, a brand new course from Kevin Fahey.

Kevin is one of a handful of guys from whom I’ve learned a lot about the answers to these questions. He’s a successful marketer who is extremely helpful, down to earth, and has an amazing accent!

His new program, Genesis, is pretty cool, and it’s not just Kevin’s accent. It’s the simplicity with which he walks students through the questions I mentioned above and offers aspiring marketers a simple-to-follow roadmap to start earning an income online.

Let me prepare you for a couple of things should you decide to click through my links to investigate Genesis further…

First, Kevin is a full-time internet marketer. He talks a lot about money (because that’s the business he’s in). He’s quite transparent.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the hype of getting rich. Don’t do that.

This is not a scheme or a scam. It’s training. It’s a solid video course in online marketing that will help you know how to do the hard work of being successful in digital marketing industry.

Second, there are a couple of upsells.

The first is a collection of “done-for-you” funnels that you can get started with right out of the box. They definitely get you started faster, so they’re worth the investment, but you might feel confident about not needing them.

And there’s also a licensing upgrade if you want to sell Genesis as your own product with 100% commissions.

You don’t have to buy the upsells to get the full value of this course that costs $12.95*, but both could be quite valuable to consider.

I’ve been excited about the release of Genesis for a while now, and past all the hype and the money talk, this is a great introduction to how affiliate marketing works and how to get started with it!

Plus, you’ll get access to Kevin’s closed Facebook group (I’ll meet you in there).

Click Here to Join Me in Enrolling in Genesis Today!

* Price at the time this blog post was written. Subject (guaranteed, in fact) to increase.

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