I’m attempting to begin a new habit – once per week I’d like to pass on a list of five great books on some subject. I’ll try to keep it up until I run out of subjects or books I’ve read. I’ll be passing on suggestions concerning subjects such as the Holy Spirit, the Church, Leadership, Theology, etc. and even a few study Bibles.

Great Books for Men

This first installment is a list of books I’ve read that have helped me be a better and more godly man. A few I have used in discipling other men, either individually or in groups. Enjoy…

No More Excuses: Be the Man God Made You To Be (Tony Evans)

Tony Evans speaks and writes with tremendous clarity and honesty. This is a no-holds-barred look at biblical manhood and all of the excuses we use to avoid being a godly man. The chapter titles alone are inspiring, including “No More Hiding Behind the Past,” “No More Second-rate Marriages,” and “No More Sissified Males.” Evans’ book is a call to step up!

A Man of God: Essential Priorities for Every Man’s Life (Jack Graham)

If the Foreword is written by Chuck Norris, you know it’s a great book for men! Jack Graham serves one of America’s largest churches, which might lead you to presume he softens his approach to accommodate the weak-hearted. Not at all. Graham holds little back as he speaks honestly to the problems facing men in today’s culture and calls us to be men of integrity.

Disciplines of a Godly Man (R. Kent Hughes)

We used this book for a semester in our Tuesday morning Men’s Bible study at Bethel. The 10th Anniversary hardback copy includes a study guide as well. Hughes challenges us to embrace the spiritual disciplines that are the outworking of godliness in our lives. He’s quick to point out that the disciplines don’t produce godliness (that’s legalism) but that godliness will produce the disciplines. Hughes himself is highly qualified to write a book about this subject – he’s a guy who has lived without a television for four decades now.

Point Man: How a Man Can Lead His Family (Steve Farrar)

I love Steve Farrar’s matter-of-fact tone. He writes as if you’re sitting at a coffee shop table with him. As with the other authors already mentioned, Steve understands that brutal honesty is the way to reach a man’s mind and heart. He specifically focuses on how a godly man leads his family.

Beneath the Surface: Steering Clear of the Dangers That Could Leave You Shipwrecked (Bob Reccord)

Bob Reccord writes prophetically, not only about the times in which we live, but about the certain disaster that awaits any man who doesn’t watch and guard his life and integrity. The principle illustration is of an ice berg. It’s dangerous, but most of the danger hides beneath the surface. This is true of men as well – our greatest threats are from our unexpressed thoughts and emotions. Reccord’s book is a warning to all of us to beware.


And to be fair, my next post in this series is going to be “Five Great Books for Women.” Email me book suggestions at pastorcox (at) gmail-dot-com or using this form.

Disclosure: The links above are Amazon affiliate links. Should you purchase these books using these links, I would be paid a tiny commission. Feel free to go straight to some other source – you won’t break my heart… or my bank account.

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