If you and I were to meet for coffee and I were to ask you this question…

Based on your experience, what is one important trait I should develop in my life to be successful?

How would you answer?

Or how about…

What is one skill you think every recent high school graduate needs to start developing today?

You have answers to questions people are asking. You have especially good answers to the questions that strike at the heart of your own passions and interests.

Now here’s a harsh reality… you and I are getting older. Life moves on. So the knowledge and wisdom bottled up in us will either be dispensed into the lives of others, or it will go to waste.

So here’s my challenge to you.

1. Write down, in one sentence (no more), what one message that you can share with others in a unique way.

2. Divide that sentence up into the six or eight subtopics that relate to it.

3. Brainstorm six or eight possible short article titles for each of those subtopics.

4. Launch a website about the topic (it’s easier than you think).

5. Start writing. Share it. And improve it later, but start writing. Now.

Go. Do it!

Not sure where to start your own website? Here -> https://siterubix.com/a_aid/2e4bbce9

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