Don't Just Lead Well Today – Lead For a Lifetime

Most people are familiar with some of the great Bible heroes like King David, Noah, and Gideon the Judge. But often people don’t realize what all three of these leaders have in common: none finished as well as they could have.

David committed adultery and murder, Noah got drunk and embarrassed himself, and Gideon led people to commit idolatry. Here’s the lesson, albeit a negative one – don’t do something stupid at the end of your time in leadership! Finish well. Finish strong. Finish with your integrity in tact.

Here are a few random thoughts about this…

The End Will Be Fresh In the Memory of Others

People will remember all of our great deeds… someday. But in the immediate aftermath of our lives, people are going to remember how we left things.

You Need the Support of Others to Finish Well

Realize that finishing well means standing on some strong shoulders along the way. When we isolate, we disintegrate.

Leadership is a Lifetime Pursuit

If you’re not dead yet, you’re still being shaped for something yet to come. Every moment is preparation for the next and now is preparation for later.